Sunday, October 12, 2014

My crazy daisy

I stopped at a florist the other day and grabbed a few different flowers with the intention of sketching them. I chose a few daisies, gerbera daisies, and sunflowers. Then they sat there for days. I loved looking at them, and all of the details, but I think I overwhelmed myself. When was I going to have time to deal with all these flowers and all those little details? Then one night I was like, "okay, get a grip. You don't have to draw every detail. Who said you even had to draw every flower? And really, why do you think you have to draw an exact replica? When in fact, if that's what you wanted, you should just take a picture. Use one as inspiration, and make it your own." Wow, self, what good advice!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer Sketches

I've drawn quite a bit this summer, and took two online drawing courses from Sketchbook Skool, which has been really fun. I love feeling a part of an artistic community, especially since I don't have many local friends who are into drawing the way I am. (I'm a little obsessed with it.)

I also love being able to sit outside to draw and paint. Here are some sketches I did in my sketchbook this summer:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quick! How much time do I have?

Short answer: not much.
So I've been squeezing in some fairly quick drawings when I can.

These are some of Simon's favorite stuffed animals drawn in my Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbook with a Kuretake pen, Micron pens, and Tombow markers.

The following are all drawings that on a normal day wouldn't take very long; however, I work on them in the few minutes I have in my car before I go into work. I may have ten minutes, or I may have two. Whatever I can add to the drawing in that time is what I put down, so they can take days.

They are in a Moleskine sketchbook drawn with Micron pens and colored with highlighters.