Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My First Blog

I have drawn my whole life. But after graduating from college, I rarely made time to be creative.

Last summer I decided to start keeping a small sketch book. Within a few days of my Decision, I came across Danny Gregory's book, An Illustrated Life. I love when the Universe gives you what you need when you need it! (I highly recommend this book, and others that he's written, by the way.) Since then, I have more sketches in my little sketch book than I think I've done, total, in the past 10 years!

My drawings aren't much, but I think that's the awesome thing about them! Looking back, I think I avoided creating "artwork" because I felt I had to spend HOURS creating something perfect. And then... what would I do with it? Stick it in my closet?

That's what I love about my sketch book. It's easily accessible, as are pens, pencils, magazines, glue, etc. I can spend one minute or one hour on something. There is no pressure to create something "perfect." And everything is contained in a cute little book. Plus, there is this record of the time I spend doing something for ME!

So this is my new Blog. I am going to SHARE my sketchbook with... the world? Well... if the world happens to find me, I guess. I'm a little nervous about this. But I found the website Illustration Friday (also very cool, and something I came across while looking up artists in Danny Gregory's book)! And I've decided to join the fun, when I have time. But in order to do that, I had to have somewhere to store my drawings. So, here they are: my blog... my sketches...

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  1. good for you amy you are a very talented lady.